Friday, January 13, 2017

Dear Luna...

I’m feeling guilty from writing about you in this space only now that you’re gone. I could’ve written a more cheerful post similar to what I wrote about Titan. But I guess everything happen for a reason and here I am now writing this tribute to a beautiful fur ball of sunshine named Luna.

I still remember when we first got you. We were hesitant at first considering that we already have Titan and he was quite a handful to us. But the first time I saw you, I fell in love with your charm, with your cuteness. The girls were very giddy having you around.

You made us happy all the time. Whenever we drive up the parking, you and Titan always meet us with excited barks like you haven’t seen us for a long time. You never fail to meet us graciously wagging that furry tail every time we arrive home. You were always the sweetest showing that unconditional love to us by jumping towards us and trying to lick our toes, our hands and everywhere your tiny body could reach. I love how you would always listen whenever we ask you to step out of the bedroom and how you would knock using your tail on our bedroom wall every morning. You were always the KSP and always try to get our attention by lying down and asking us to tickle your tummy. Whenever I feel sad and stressed-out, I just hug you and everything would seem okay. You were famous in facebook/instagram and everyone adores you.

But now that you’re gone to dog heaven, there’s just Titan meeting us by the window. There’s no more effortlessly cute Luna who would just stand by the window and the darling of every passersby. There’s no more Luna who would drink the cold water at the fridge drain. There’s no more Luna who steals uncooked ngohiong by the table whenever we don’t look. There’s no more Luna who would always smile with tongue sticking out everytime we take a snap or photo. There’s no more Luna who would always listen, who is always attentive to our calls. No more Luna to put a smile on our face even in the saddest, bleakest moments.

Your death was so sudden I couldn’t even imagine the suffering you’ve been through. You were only 10 months, still a baby. I’ve witnessed your suffering and it was too much for me to bear. I feel that I am to be blamed for allowing you to mate at first heat that got yourself pregnant. I feel sick in my guts by not bringing you immediately to the vet while you were in labor. It was heartbreaking not being able to say goodbye during your final moments here on earth. I thought those who grieve for their pets are just over-reacting. But now that that I am in the same situation, the pain is so real.

I miss you so much baby girl. I’m so sorry for my shortcomings as your human friend. I may have failed you big time. But then God has other plans for you in dog heaven. You will now be reunited with your 7 litters and I’m sure they will be happy to finally see their Mommy Luna.

Rest well Luna girl. You will always be in our hearts. I love you so much and I will never forget you.

Hugs and kisses!

"The sweetest, most adorable fur ball of sunshine!"
February 29, 2016 - January 11, 2017

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