Monday, September 21, 2015


More than three months ago, we added a new member to our small family. At first, there were some hesitations especially coming from the husband. My daughters have been begging to have a pet dog since time immemorial. After nonstop prodding from Alex and Zabbie, husband finally gave up and we welcome the first family pet named Titan.

Titan is mix breed of Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier according to her previous owner Tina. He came to us when he was still a month old and our life totally turned upside down from then on. At first, we thought that it was a bad idea having a dog. Aside from the additional expenses for vaccination, dog food, dog shampoo, accessories etc., Titan is quite a handful. He nibbles almost anything from slippers to furniture and even the grocery bag lying on the floor. My favorite pair of shoes was one of the casualties.

But despite that, we learn to love him and considered him part of our family. In fact, we sometimes spoil him like a baby and bring him along to family bonding at Parkmall or to Granny’s house.

Here are 5 of the best things that Titan has brought to our home:

1. He has brought so much happiness at home. His antics are so entertaining we always ended laughing our hearts out. Playing with him is even better compared to watching a movie. 

2. I totally forgot about stress at work. I would usually come home before midnight and he’s always there to welcome me furiously wagging his small tail while the rest of the household are already in dreamland.

3. He guards our house when we’re away. He has this habit of barking at any person or vehicle that passes through our house.

4. Since Titan came to our lives, my daughters have become responsible. They always find time to walk him after school and during weekends. They also take turns cleaning his poop and pee.

5. Since some of our friends know that we have a dog, it has become an instant topic during conversations. It’s always good to share experiences and tips on caring for a dog and eventually developing better friendships.

Titan has grown really big and our love for him also grows every single day. There may be times that we want to wring his neck or kick his ass but most often, we just want to embrace him with so much love. We couldn’t even imagine what life would be without our Titan.

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