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Taking the time to look back on our Bacolod trip last year. My office friends were able to score piso fare to Bacolod during our Thanksgiving Holiday. We took a one way ticket and planned to just take the boat on our way back.

It was probably one of those unfortunate travels we've had because when we reached Bacolod City, we were met with Tropical Depression Marce. Our other colleagues who are supposed to meet us in the city and provide our transportation were stuck in Cebu Island due to the typhoon.

However, we didn't let the tropical depression dampen our spirits and proceeded with the plan.

Recent posts

Dear Luna...

I’m feeling guilty from writing about you in this space only now that you’re gone. I could’ve written a more cheerful post similar to what I wrote about Titan. But I guess everything happen for a reason and here I am now writing this tribute to a beautiful fur ball of sunshine named Luna.

I still remember when we first got you. We were hesitant at first considering that we already have Titan and he was quite a handful to us. But the first time I saw you, I fell in love with your charm, with your cuteness. The girls were very giddy having you around.

You made us happy all the time. Whenever we drive up the parking, you and Titan always meet us with excited barks like you haven’t seen us for a long time. You never fail to meet us graciously wagging that furry tail every time we arrive home. You were always the sweetest showing that unconditional love to us by jumping towards us and trying to lick our toes, our hands and everywhere your tiny body could reach. I love how you would always l…

First Airplane Ride

We've been travelling as a family but mostly road and boat trips within Cebu and Visayas/Mindanao. 
Last September, the whole family flew out of Cebu to Manila for my sister's church wedding in Batangas. It was the first time for us to be on the same flight with my family, siblings and the kids. 
It was also Zabbie's first airplane ride. She was very excited to the point of being scared and threw tantrums before leaving home. She said she just wants to stay home with her yaya. Eventually, we were able to pacify her telling her stories about seeing cotton candy clouds up in the air. 
She was smiling the whole duration of the flight while checking out the magazines and reading airline reminders. She was also brave enough to go to the restroom while up in the air. 

 I wish for more airplane rides and travels such as these. If time and money permits, I am wishing for more local and international travels with the kids especially now that they're grown-up and may already appreci…

My Yoga Journey

I was introduced to yoga back in 2005 when a former colleague gave me a CD of Patricia Alden’s Beginner’s Yoga. At first, I really didn’t get to appreciate nor enjoy yoga especially so that I was only doing it alone at home. I don’t know if what I was doing was correct or not. I stopped in the middle of the practice. The CD was then left untouched and just accumulated dust in our CD rack.

Fast forward to 2013, I was invited by my Zumba-mates to try yoga at Metrosports. My husband was already doing yoga then as cross-training for his running. As a newbie, I almost died in the first session but that didn’t prevent me from doing it again and again. For quite some time, I did yoga at Metrosports side by side Zumba. I felt my body getting stronger every single practice. I used to suffer from insomnia. But when I started doing yoga, I’ve also noticed I can easily and soundly fall  asleep.
I’ve been talking to people about yoga since then. I even encourage friends to try it too. At some poi…

Summer Sunshine 2016: Canigao Island, Matalom Leyte

The initial plan was to go to Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte for Joni’s birthday. However, when we called the tourism office of Palompon, they can no longer accommodate us since the island is already crowded limiting visitors to only 90 heads per day. 
After much research and thought, I brought up the idea of visiting Canigao Island instead to which the group agreed after several exchange of private messages in FB. So, last weekend, three families and long time friends went on an island adventure in Canigao Island – an island which is just 15 minutes away from Matalom Leyte. 
Canigao Island earned its popularity just recently through social media. I’ve heard good reviews of the island and how affordable it is to get there. It was highly recommended by a friend and team mate of my husband who hails from Hilongos. 
To get to Canigao from Cebu, you have to take a boat from Cebu City to Hilongos. There are three shipping companies plying this route: Roble Shipping, Gabisan Shippin…