About Me

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I am a mom to two adorable girls and wife to a rockstar husband. I am also a loving ATE to annoying yet supportive siblings. I am a dedicated friend and kick-ass corporate slave among other roles.

This is actually my second blog. The first one I named after my eldest daughter www.alessaundrei.blogspot.com. But then when the second kid arrived, I decided to create a new one and hopefully the last.

Why, www.lifes-a-maze.blogspot.com? Aside from the word MAZE which is an acronym for Mhalou, Alex, Zabbie and Earl, I also think that life is like a maze. It's like we're in this one huge labyrinth that we need to unravel and figure out which way to go. But no matter how far we've come inside this maze and often find ourselves lost, the maze always ends somewhere. That's for sure!

So join me in my quest in solving this one big maze which is life. But you can also hang in there, watch me in my daily conquest and if I ever fall, please do give a little push and lots and lots of love. Okay?

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