Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Yoga Journey

I was introduced to yoga back in 2005 when a former colleague gave me a CD of Patricia Alden’s Beginner’s Yoga. At first, I really didn’t get to appreciate nor enjoy yoga especially so that I was only doing it alone at home. I don’t know if what I was doing was correct or not. I stopped in the middle of the practice. The CD was then left untouched and just accumulated dust in our CD rack.

Beginner's Yoga with Patricia Alden
Fast forward to 2013, I was invited by my Zumba-mates to try yoga at Metrosports. My husband was already doing yoga then as cross-training for his running. As a newbie, I almost died in the first session but that didn’t prevent me from doing it again and again. For quite some time, I did yoga at Metrosports side by side Zumba. I felt my body getting stronger every single practice. I used to suffer from insomnia. But when I started doing yoga, I’ve also noticed I can easily and soundly fall  asleep.

First Yoga at Metrosports
I’ve been talking to people about yoga since then. I even encourage friends to try it too. At some point, I was able to talk to a good friend, Paul (God bless his soul – he died last year) who was already practicing and teaching yoga at Citigym. I asked him if he can teach yoga in the office for free. That started our private practice in the office. We also invited several instructors to do an hour of Ashtanga or Power Yoga. It was very convenient since we’re doing it right in the comforts of the office and we can just go back to work afterwards. The company was also very supportive to allow us use the resources like our conference rooms as venue for our yoga. This also started the Health and Wellness Club in the office. 

First Yoga in the office with Paul (+RIP)

Then there was Teacher Blanne. She became our regular teacher. It was through her that I became more confident and stronger in my practice. There were some challenging yoga poses that I can’t believe I was able to execute under her tutelage.

The good thing about this activity is I also get to do it with my husband. On two occasions, we did SUP Yoga (Stand-Up Paddle) together and also practice at Metrosports for several sessions. We are on different stages since he’s a stronger yogi but we support each other in our practice.

My journey with yoga is far from perfection. I still cannot perfectly execute my chaturanga dandasana (low plank) and I still need some spotting whenever I go up to Sirshasana (headstand). But I will carry on and continue to practice yoga as much as I can. Aside from losing weight (which isn’t really happening boo!), yoga keeps me grounded and at peace with myself. For years, I’ve been suffering from insecurity due to my weight but with yoga, I learned to embrace and love my body with all its curves. My mat has also become my refuge and diversion from life’s stresses.

Life is better viewed upside down

I’ve read somewhere that yoga is not a destination. It’s a journey! 

"May the light in me honor the light in you. Namaste!!!

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